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As the holidays approach, we wanted to share a few social media do's and don'ts to remember during this time of the year. Social media is a great place to share the joy of the holidays with your customers, but it's also important to remain "on brand" throughout the season. 

  • Stay Professional: Everyone loves a good holiday party, but make sure your posts are still professional. Photos from company holiday parties are great for showing company culture but make sure that company culture is enhancing the image of your brand and not embarrassing it. 
  • Be Authentic: Stick to your best practices, even during the holidays! While people love to see posts about the holidays, remember to still be true to your brand and give your followers meaningful content.
  • Think Mobile: Your content should always be mobile-friendly, but during the holidays it's a must! AAA has projected that 98.6 million Americans will travel during this holiday season and what do you think they will be doing on those long car rides and boring airport layovers — checking social media on their mobile devices!
  • Be Available: During the holidays, people turn to social media to shop for gifts, research purchases, and connect with brands. You should continue to be active on your social media, even if it's through automated posts.

We hope these tips will help you plan for the holiday season. If you're struggling to maintain your social media platforms, click here to learn more about our Social Media Management services.

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