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Got a minute? Check out our update on what’s happening in the industry.


Pinterest now lets you organize your boards into sections. For example, if you have a home board, you can now divide it down into dining room, kitchen, etc.


Our Take

This update helps to organize and streamline your boards. For a business this is very helpful. Now you can have one board with multiple sections that someone can follow.


Similar to Facebook, Instagram has now introduced a mute option to give you the ability to take a break from people you follow. You still have the ability to go to the user’s profile to see their pictures but will not see them pop up on your timeline. You can implement this update by going to a user’s Instagram profile, click the three little dots at the top by the users handle and click mute.

Our Take

Ever since Facebook bought Instagram, they have made strides to make the platforms very similar. We think this is just another way to give users more control over their Instagram account and feed.


Recently, Instagram introduced its newest feature: IGTV. In a nutshell, IGTV is Instagram’s answer to YouTube – it’s a way to post long-form video content within the Instagram app. Previously, the longest a video could be on IG was 60 seconds – which is still true in the stories and the main feed. IGTV allows users to publish videos that are up to 1 hour long. You can find the IGTV button in the top right corner of your Instagram app.

Our Take

For a while now, us marketing experts have been asking when the video length for Insta will be extended beyond 60 seconds. We have our answer! It will be interesting to see how brands utilize this feature – and we are excited to integrate IGTV into the marketing strategy for our business and for our clients. You can read more about IGTV in this blog post.

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