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A website is a business’s digital home, and increasingly consumers first impression of a brand. An unreliable website is virtually useless to any business owner. In the digital world, your website should be quickly available and secure, 24/7. If not, you risk losing potential customers to competitors.

Statistics show that 75% of online consumers will abandon a website if they experience delays and over half of consumers expect a website to load in under two seconds.

That’s why reliable website hosting is so important. Web hosting refers to the physical server your website lives on. A server is what connects a user’s device, like a computer or phone, to your website.

A dependable website hosting provider should:

  • Backup your website weekly
  • Increase uptime & load speed
  • Monitor & manage logistics
  • Secure your site
  • Support website growth

Trust a dependable website hosting provider, like Addison Clark, to ensure that your website is always live and accessible to consumers. For more information on our website hosting services, please contact us today.

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