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With video being hyped as the new “it” marketing thing, you have probably thought about or even started to make some videos for your company. But what should you actually do with your videos?

Adding video to your website is a no brainer. Whether it’s an "About Us"-style video that can go on your team page, or a how-to video that could live in a resources section, having video on your website is important. It’s also pretty obvious that your videos should be added to your YouTube channel (or another video hosting platform).

Now that we’ve tackled the obvious, what about the not so obvious?

Video performs awesome on social media. Make sure to share on all of your channels. You can also use video in your social media advertising plan too. Most ad formats support video and get great engagement when video is used in social media advertising.

Google Display Ads now also allows video to be used. This is a newer update, so if you set up your display ads ages ago, now would be a good time to check in on those and add some new video content.

Have you considered adding your videos to your email marketing strategy? We also see a large number of clicks when we include links to videos. Most email marketing platforms make adding video super easy to your email.

Basically, video can be added across your whole marketing strategy! People love to engage with video content, so if you have it, share it everywhere! If you have any questions related to video, give us a call today or visit our video service page to learn more!

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