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You may think having an outdated website is no big deal but, in some instances, it can be as worse as not having a website at all! Today's consumers are constantly using the web to search for products and services. Landing on your outdated website can send a message that your business isn't credible or legitimate. 

We work with clients in a wide range of industries, so we understand how difficult it can be to prioritize a website update. Running a business, no matter the industry, is hard work! It's no wonder that 23% of small business websites get updated less than once a year and 97% of small business websites are basically ineffective. Finding the time to keep your website updated can be difficult. One way to remedy this is by hiring a company to manage your website for you.

There are also some things you can do yourself to elevate your website even if you're short on time. 

1. Refresh Content: Refreshing the content on your website is one way to ensure you're providing your customers with the most current information about your business. Plus, Google loves a good content refresh! By updating your content regularly, you're giving Google the ability to index that information and help improve your search engine ranking.

2. Update Pictures: Updating pictures on your website is a quick and easy way to breathe new life into the site. A new team picture or headshots is a great update to pursue, but simply switching out stock photography can do wonders as well.

3. Start a Blog: Adding a blog to your website is a great way to add value! It gives you the ability to share news and information with your customers and improve your SEO by providing more ways for customers to find your site.

Doing one or all of these quick tips will help ensure your website isn't being neglected; however, it wouldn't hurt to consider a website redesign as we head into the new year.

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