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Social media provides a platform where small businesses can promote their brand, create a recognizable identity, and connect with customers. You don't have to look far to find businesses who are doing it well. They've built an engaging presence on social media and gained thousands of followers. But how did they get there? It all starts with creating a social media strategy. If it seems mind-boggling, don't worry. The big guys started at square one once too. We've put together a guide to creating a social media strategy based on our experience with building successful social media presences for many of our clients.

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The world of social media has been buzzing lately with several updates and announcements. We decided to round up a few that we thought were worth mentioning below. Here's what's new in social media...

Social media is starting 2016 off in a big way, with many platform rolling out new features and big announcements of things to come. We're looking forward to seeing how these developments play out in the world of marketing this year. Here are a few things we found noteworthy this week:

5 things you should be doing on social media:

  1. Building connections The first step to creating a presence on any social media platform is to build connections...and then build some more and then some more. Just like the name indicates, social media is "social". That is why every social media platform out there allows you to build connections, although they may refer to them differently. Facebook calls them friends, Twitter refers to them as followers, YouTube calls them subscribers, and LinkedIn calls them connections. Regardless of the title, they're all the same — an audience your business can connect with.

If your business has a Facebook Page, you may have noticed a new, strategically placed button on your cover photo. The call-to-action button is Facebook's newest feature that was just recently rolled out to all Facebook Page users. The button allows Page admins to select from seven different call-to-actions, like Shop Now, Contact Us, or Sign Up, that can be linked to destinations on or off Facebook. The goal is to help Pages drive business objectives by encouraging their fans to perform a desired action. Call-to-action buttons are free to use and easy to create. Follow our step-by-step guide below to get started.

Add this to your list of things to be completed before you die: choosing a legacy contact on Facebook. Facebook's newest feature allows users to choose someone (known as a "legacy contact") to manage their account after they pass away.

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It's a brand new year and time for a fresh start!

If you felt like your social media game was lagging in 2014, now is the time to make changes. You may even be surprised at how little you need to do in order to improve your social media presence this year. Sometimes a small change can make the biggest difference. Start by updating your profile on any platforms you've been using. In the daily grind, it's easy to overlook that outdated summary or old profile picture. Now's the time to freshen things up again! In addition, following these four simple resolutions can help you step up your social media game this year:

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If you've ever been on Pinterest then you know how easy it is to get sucked into the mindless cycle of repinning content. First you see a gorgeous kitchen remodel, so you pin that to your Homes board. Then you see a fun Halloween craft, so you pin that to your DIY board. Before you know it, you're pinning recipes that you'll probably never make and outfits that you'll probably never wear. You are pinning for the sake of pinning with no goal or purpose in mind. While this may be okay if you're just trying to waste a few minutes on your personal Pinterest account, it can be very unbeneficial if you're trying to build a following for your business.

The importance of having a strategy of what to pin cannot be overstated. Pinning without a goal in mind will just waste your time and get you no closer to accomplishing your social media goals. So what should you pin?

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If your business is considering joining Instagram, it is good to understand the basics first. There is a certain vocabulary that goes along with Instagram. After you've been using the platform for a little while that lingo comes as second nature, but if you are an Instagram newbie you may be wondering what on earth a feed and filter is. So, here we go, your first Instagram vocabulary list.

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Do you Facebook's Pages Manager app on your smartphone? The app is a great way to manage your business' Facebook page when you're on the go. It also gives you the ability to manage multiple Pages, which is great if you're an agency that manages many different Pages for clients.

Recently, Facebook completely redesigned the app, giving it an updated look and easy to use navigation. The new design is available for iOs and Android users and is free in the App Store. Here are a few things you should know about the app:

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