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Got a minute? Check out our quick update on what's happening in the industry.

There’s a new social media platform on the rise! It’s called Vero which is Latin for the word “Truth”. The app has been around since 2015, but skyrocketed in popularity last month as thousands of people downloaded it from the app store. There are several theories as to what caused the sudden interest; the most prominent of which is Instagram users’ growing frustration with the app’s algorithm. Vero is capitulating on this by promoting their chronological feed order and no advertisements. One important detail – the app is free of charge for the first million users. After that, Vero will be starting an annual subscription fee.

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Got a minute? Check out our quick update on what's happening in the industry.

Facebook's user count has declined by 700,000 daily active users. Facebook has just started executing the big News Feed changes that it announced earlier this month, intended to reduce mindless browsing, video and news consumption in favor of more interactions with close friends. According to Mark Zuckerberg: "Our focus in 2018 is making sure Facebook isn't just fun, but also good for people's well-being and for society. We're doing this by encouraging meaningful connections between people rather than passive consumption of content."

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Got a minute? Check out our quick update on what’s happening in the industry.

Instagram Stories is upping the incentive for advertisers by tripling the number of posts in a Story ad. Instead of the standard one photo or video, the new “carousel ads” are made up of three consecutive photos or videos. The new expanded format is not yet available to all advertisers.

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Got a minute? Check out our quick update on what's happening in the industry.

Facebook recently published a report on how people use social tools in the purchasing process. It surveyed the top 5 reasons why people use Facebook while in a store. The answers included:

1. Browsed because I was bored
2. Communicated about a topic not related to shopping
3. Read product reviews
4. Compared prices
5. Shared photos/videos taken in the store

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Got a minute? Check out our quick update on a recent Facebook announcement.

Facebook is shifting its goal of helping people find relevant content to a new mission: helping people have more meaningful social interactions. What does this mean for your news feed? Less content from businesses and more content from friends, family, and groups. Facebook says this change will reduce the reach of business pages across the platform, particularly posts that are unpaid or “organic”. 

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Was your New Year's resolution to focus on improving your marketing strategy? Are you considering expanding your strategy into social media? You should! Today, we want to dive into a few benefits of social media for your brand. 

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Got a minute? This week's Marketing Minute is all about Facebook's new content penalization announcement.

Earlier this week, Facebook announced that they will penalize Page owners who ask for post engagement through certain calls-to-action (CTAs), such as "Like this post if you agree" or "Share with a friend for a chance to win". Facebook calls these types of posts "engagement bait" — encouraging followers to engage on a post in order to increase reach. In their announcement, Facebook warns that brands who use this tactic will have the total reach of all of their posts reduced. This new penalty, however, will not apply to posts that "ask people for help, advice, or recommendations, such as circulating a missing child report, raising money for a cause, or asking for travel tips."

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Got a minute? Check out our quick update on what's happening in the industry.

Facebook’s “Our Story”
Facebook has added a new section called “Our Story” to the right-hand column of business profiles. It gives businesses the ability to add an additional picture and highlight the company’s story on the home page. When this update went live, Facebook automatically chose a picture for the Story that performed well in the past,  but feel free to update it as you see fit.

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Sometimes it can seem like using social media is like walking on eggshells. You want to be personal, professional, on brand, fun and exciting, all while keeping your audience engaged. Do you share pictures of your dog? Maybe. Do you only talk about the product or service you offer? Definitely not.

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Got a minute? Check out our marketing update from the week -- all about Instagram!

Instagram Stories
Instagram's latest feature allows users to pin their favorite Instagram Stories to their profile. Instead of saying good-bye to the content after 24-hours, you can now pin it to your Instagram page directly below your Instagram bio.

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