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While the benefits of hiring an accountant or bookkeeper for your business may seem obvious, the benefits of a full-service marketing agency may not be so clear. Here are a few ways that a marketing agency can help your business.

1. Marketing Strategy
This is the most obvious way in which a marketing agency can help your business succeed. Trying to successfully grow your business without an effective strategy can lead to chaos and unpredictable results. Sadly, over 40% of businesses approach marketing this way. We recommend a different approach. A full-service marketing agency can help your business implement a guiding strategy that will create cohesiveness across all aspects of your marketing. Each piece will work in agreement with the next. Best of all, a marketing agency will have a full team at your disposal to help you implement that strategy and bring it to life.

2. Brand Identity
A marketing agency can help you get to the heart of what you do and why. This is key to creating a brand identity that will drive every aspect of your brand including how you sound, how your website looks, how your employees answer the phone, and even the elevator pitch you give to a prospective client.

Your brand identity is much more than just a logo. It includes several key components including creative development, brand standards and guidelines, brand differentiators, a brand personality and tone, copywriting, graphic design, logo development, and competitive analysis. With a team of experienced marketers, you can nail down your business’ specific brand identity and create a brand strategy that is the driving force behind your business.

3. Website
The third way a marketing agency can help your business is with professional web design, development, and management. Generic websites no longer cut it in today’s business world. Customers are looking for a web experience that is easy to use and answers their questions quickly. A marketing agency can help you design a site that is professional and visually appealing. They will also be experienced in the latest web technology to make sure your website functions at peak performance while meeting your customers’ expectations.

With a full-service marketing agency, you’ll also have peace of mind knowing someone is managing your website at all times. As the hub of all your digital marketing activities, it’s imperative that your website is kept up to date and glitches are prevented or resolved quickly.

4. Search engine optimization
Over 90% of online experiences begin with a search engine. If your business cannot be easily found on Google and other major search engines, it could be missing a large number of new customer opportunities. A marketing agency can help ensure your business is visible online through keyword research, site architecture optimization, and creative content creation.

5. Pay-Per-Click Advertising
Pay-per-click (PPC) management platforms like Google AdWords allow businesses to place sponsored ads in search engine results, typically on the first page. The benefits of PPC advertising are numerous but managing it can be overwhelming and time-consuming for many small businesses. A marketing agency can not only manage PPC advertising for you, but they can also assess your business’s current position in the marketplace, perform competitor analysis, and look at how your customers view and talk about your products in order to create a customized campaign that will generate more sales and leads.

6. Content Creation
Content creation is one of the best ways to generate buzz around your business today. Whether it’s through blog posts, white papers, social media content, e-books, infographics, or case studies, content marketing is a great way to build brand relationships online. The problem is it is probably one of the most time-consuming methods of marketing out there. As a business owner, having a dedicated marketing agency managing your content marketing program can be invaluable.

7. Video
Video can help boost your business’s success in social media and search results by generating leads and improving engagement. It’s no longer reserved for businesses with an extravagant marketing budget either. A marketing agency will have a team of marketers who can handle video production from strategy, script-writing, and production to sharing the videos post-production.

8. Social Media Marketing
Social media may seem like an easy thing to manage in-house but building an effective social media presence takes time and effort. That’s where a marketing agency comes in. From determining the right platforms to join to creating content calendars, a social media team can help develop a customized strategy for social media success.

9. Collateral Design and Creation
An effective brand presence is one that works consistently across all marketing channels – including print collateral. Well-designed marketing collateral, like business cards, sales sheets, brochures, or banners, can keep your business top of mind with consumers and help them make educated buying decisions. A marketing agency can help you create pieces that fit seamlessly and cohesively into your brand standards. They will keep all of your brand pieces on file so new pieces can be printed easily and quickly.

10. Analytics
A marketing agency can provide your business with the resources, software, and analytics to report on the success of your marketing strategy once it’s implemented. Marketing shouldn’t be guesswork. Hiring an agency to regularly examine the data and analytics and then interpret them into actionable steps is an invaluable resource for any business.

In the end, having a marketing agency means having a team of innovators dedicated to the growth and success of your business. While you’re focusing on what you do best, a team of web developers, copywriters, designers, and account managers are working on your behalf to develop and grow your brand through customized strategies.

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