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spring cleaning

As the weather changes and flowers start to bloom, have you considered looking at your marketing strategy? While a strong brand strategy and consistency are important, shaking things up a bit can also be a good thing.

Here are few things to consider when it comes to "spring cleaning" your strategy:

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Did you know that businesses that prioritize blogging efforts are 13 times more likely to see a positive ROI? If you have been on the fence about starting a blog, we hope these benefits will help you make your decision easier. Blogging can be intimidating, but with the right resources and team in place, it can do wonders for your business.


At Addison Clark, we’ve worked with numerous successful businesses that are trying to reach that next level. Maybe they have a great reputation in the local community but are struggling to reach a broader market. In other cases, they might have a strong word-of-mouth referral base, but no online leads or prospects. Sometimes their ideal client is different than what it was five years ago and they’re struggling with how to reach that new audience.

When it’s time to target and connect with a new audience, many businesses draw a blank. Even seasoned business owners can struggle with how to expand their reach with a message that will resonate. As with so many marketing endeavors, it all boils down to the right strategy. Here are a few proven ways to help you target and connect with potential customers:


When it comes to social media, it’s no surprise that each platform has its own set of terms and trackable metrics. We wanted to give you an overview of key terms to know within Facebook. This glossary does not by any means cover all the major terms within Facebook – just the ones we look at in our Facebook reporting. Also, these terms apply to organic Facebook – we’ll dive in to Facebook Advertising at another time!

So without further ado…

mobile strategy

By now, you've likely heard of the importance of a mobile-friendly website. We've published a few blog posts about it here as well. However, just because you have a mobile-friendly website doesn't mean the experience is perfect.

site speed

Do you remember the last time you landed on a website that took a long time to load? You may even remember the exact website, because it can be frustrating. Website speed is something the average person doesn't think about until they have to wait one second too long for a site to load. Even companies sometimes underestimate the importance of site speed, pushing it to the back burner after a website is built. It's time to give website speed its due!

A slow site speed will negatively impact the user's experience, leading to higher bounce rates and fewer conversions. Google places such high emphasis on site speed that they will even demote a site in search engine results if it takes too long to load. This can make it hard for potential consumers to even discover your website. Google recently published an article about with four ways you can optimize the images on your website to improve site speed, but we want to go a step further.


A brand is more than a logo. It encompasses the look, feel, and messaging of a company, including how your website looks, how your employees answer the phone, and even the elevator pitch you give to a prospective client. Its job is to tie all the pieces of your business together to present a cohesive personality and targeted message.

So why would you change your brand?

multi touch

Have you ever been watching TV and the same commercial comes on back to back? Did you know that is done on purpose in order to capture your attention? Most Americans are so busy multi-tasking that it takes several tries to grab their attention. This is why a multi-touch marketing strategy is key.

email marketing

For many companies, email marketing is not just a part of their marketing strategy; it is the foundation of it. It’s no surprise either – according to 80% of professionals, email marketing campaigns drive customer acquisition and retention for their businesses. Plus, it is one of the most cost-effective marketing methods since it is a way to reach people in a place they visit every day – their email inbox. More importantly, because of opt-in requirements, you’re contacting people who have invited you into their inbox. Instead of cold calls, email marketing allows you to connect with people who actually want to hear from your business.

If you’ve been on the fence about pursuing an email marketing strategy, here are some facts about this avenue of marketing.

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We've all heard the saying, "Content is King." Stated by Bill Gates in 1996, this phrase is still true 20+ years later. The key to making your content marketing strategy work is adaption — you have to be able to change with the times and keep up with the trends in your industry. Here are a few key trends that are in right now in 2019 from Forbes

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