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Instagram Stories, a strikingly similar concept to Snapchat, was launched this month with much fanfare. While the format is new to Instagram, the concept itself has been around since the launch of Snapchat Stories in October 2013. The idea is that users can create a chain of content that can be viewed an unlimited number of times over the course of 24 hours. Now, in addition to the Instagram feed we all know and love, there also exists Stories – a place to post goofy, off-the-cuff   “Snapchat-style” content.

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I recently had an encounter with two people who were working with a LinkedIn trainer to learn how to use the platform, complete their profiles, and make connections. I asked, “How many leads have you gotten so far?” To my surprise (I assumed everyone learning LinkedIn was doing so for business development purposes), their answer was, “We are not sure how to do that.”

Strategy is the biggest difference between a B2B sales and marketing team that enjoy consistent sales leads and revenue opportunities on LinkedIn and one that just has a presence with lots of connections. Learning the tactics of the platform is one thing. Learning how to generate leads is another. That’s where social selling comes in.

Social media is one of our favorite subjects. Here's a run-down of what's new in the land of hashtags, memes, and marketing.

Facebook The days of simply liking a post are over. Facebook rolled out "reactions" last week, giving users the option of choosing from a range of emotions instead. "Love", "wow", "sad", and "angry" are some of the reactions that users can choose from. It is expected that brands and small businesses will see an uptick in user engagement on their posts, since choosing a Reaction is much simpler and faster than leaving a comment. It will also give a lot more insight into how an audience views content. Read more about Facebook's "reactions" here.

Sometimes social media marketing can seem like a stab in the dark. Are those Facebook likes really sending customers to your website? Like any marketing strategy, you need to analyze the data in order to see if something is really working. In the past few years, social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter have become much better about sharing meaningful stats. Now is a great time to analyze that information in order to see what has worked and what hasn't. Armed with this data, you'll be ready to craft a strategy that will take your social media marketing to the next level. Although there are various details you can see in your social media analytics, we recommend paying close attention to the following metrics.  

The world of social media is never boring — new product launches, big announcements, and (sometimes) lots of arguments over things like stars and hearts. Here's what the social media world was up to recently:

In the ever-changing online world where new apps are developed every day and we're constantly jumping from one social network to another, email is practically archaic. And, yet, it still remains one of the best forms of marketing. A big reason for this is because we no longer have to be at a computer to check our emails — we carry them in our pockets! No matter what the critics tell you, email marketing is still a relevant form of marketing and here's why:

Ever since Meerkat took SXSW by storm in March of this year, live social media has been riding on a popularity streak. The phenomenon isn't a new one; in fact, live streaming has been around since the '90s. But the rise of apps like Meerkat, Periscope, and Snapchat has pushed live streaming to center stage by making it easier than ever for people to share live content.

  Several household name brands, including Google, Facebook, and Verizon, rolled out new looks recently. While some were more drastic than others, the theme that reigned supreme in all of these new logos was flat design. Flat design is a minimalistic, streamlined look with none of the drop shadows, textures, or gradients that were all the rage a few decades ago. This look is becoming more and more popular among brands, as proved by this recent bout of redesigns. For the most part, flat logos have been met with general acceptance and praise. In some cases, though, people have argued that they are just too simplistic.

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Everyone wants to be #1 — on Google, that is. When your website is ranked high in search engine results, the usual result is more visits to your website. But how does one get to the top? That, my friends, is the age old marketing question that every marketer out there is trying to solve. The good news is there are some tried and true ways to do it. Some are more labor intensive and/or expensive than others, but there are also some simple tasks you can do right now that will help to improve your website's rankings.

There have been a lot of things happening in social media since our last update -- some exciting and some disappointing. Here's what we thought was worth mentioning... 

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